[Epiphany] Re: Font Selection

fre 2003-05-16 klockan 06.24 skrev Sajith V.K:
> Hi,
> >Is there a *good* reason that epiphany has separate font selection from
> >the rest of GNOME ?
>     gnome-i18n is not to just support local language in Graphical interfaces, But it should provide other spports too, like displaying web-sites in tocal language. Hence when epiphany moves away from gnome standard it creates a lot of problem to  people like us. We should discuss about the issue  and formulate a common way to face it. For Malayalam(ml) currently we are not planinig to support epiphany. 

The reason Marco asked me (and I forwarded the question) was that he
didn't know how useful or bad the feature with encoding-specific fonts
was, and therefore he asked to get a better idea of this and to discuss
it, just like you seem to want to[1].

However, having a discussion is difficult if some translator jumps the
gun and treats the legitimate question as being the sign of some sort of
localization badwill conspiracy, and instead of telling why the specific
issue is good/bad instead decides to not support the application at all,
without further motivation. I've been trying to decipher your reply to
make any sense out of it, but insofar I've been unable to come to any
other conclusion. If this isn't what you were trying to say, please
clarify your reply.

We should welcome maintainers asking questions about l10n/i18n, not
treat the questions like signs of bad attitudes towards localization,
when in fact the situation may very well be the opposite. And in the
case of Marco, I very well know that he's not only supportive of
localization but also very willing to actively solve localization
problems. That he asked about this to get the input from translators
should be a sign as good as any of that.

So please clarify your answer. While nothing is decided yet, it looks
like Epiphany has good chances to officially become part of the GNOME
desktop and be the default GNOME browser. If that happens, it will be
irregardless of if there is a Malayalam translation or not. Thus, it
would be best if we could discuss localization issues with Epiphany in a
clear and constructive manner now, and set personal feelings aside.


[1] Marco's original message is at

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