Re: [Epiphany] Re: New tab and loading a URL

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 17:47, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> /me grumbles about how depending on middle click here totally screws mac 
> users and two button mouse users (though emulation exists its a pita), and 
> leads to users accidentally clicking stuff when they meant to scroll, 
> perhaps alt/ctrl+left click would be better :) 

Isn't alt-left click already the the commonly accepted substitute for
middle mouse button on MacOS? It's either that, or option-left click.
That surely is a platform issue, not an app issue.

Regarding new tab/new page logic in general, I have one complaint, and
an overall suggestion that I think I've stated somewhere already:

complaint: with "open in tabs" on, launching a web link from outside
Epiphany makes it open a tab IN THE BACKGROUND and load the link there
(in any one of its currently open windows). Although the window is
brought to the top (and to the current desktop), if it has lots of tabs,
it's very difficult to find the new tab.

suggestion: make tab browsing a browser-internal feature. That is, new
tabs will be opened from inside the browser only. Links launched from
outside the browser (desktop, email, whatever), should always open in a
new window. This would be consistent, because if there is no browser
window already open, one would have to be opened anyway.

So, middle mouse button (or alt-left click) would always open in a new
tab, and links from outside would always open in a new window. Normal
left click on a link on a web page would always open in the current tab
(unless overriden by the site). Now you just need to decide whether
"open this link in a new window" is a common enough action to deserve
its own one-click shortcut or not.

Osma Ahvenlampi <>

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