RE: [Epiphany] New tab and loading a URL

>In epiphany, if you execute epiphany <uri> while epiphany is already
>running, it will opens a new tab and brings up the window by calling
>gtk_window_present. Is that the ideal behavior? Personally I allocated
>desktop for web browsing and email checking stuff, so every time I click
>a link from somewhere else would bring it to the current desktop. I
>think that's quite confusing.

I think it would be more confusing to take an action without any visual
feedback. How the user know that a link has been opened in an "hidden" window
Anyway we are getting several, conflicting, requests about this behavior
and in general about epiphany behavior with the "Open in tabs with default"
pref set.
Changing specific aspects without seeing the big picture is probably going
to just do a mess. So there is a need of a more global analysis of the problem
(for example, why would an user default on opening links in a tab instead
of a window, which tasks it improves or make possible ? what are the known
user cases for this pref ? ....).

This is not very high on my priority because I feel the default behavior
already quite good, except this (relatively small) conflict:

1 Open several links from a page and read them one by one
2 Open several links from a web page all together and than read them

Now an efficient way of accessing both is middle click on links, but this
cant be bound to both behaviors (tabs/windows).
I'd rather focus on getting the default behavior right then improving the
behavior you get by enabling that pref, but obviously there is space for
others to work on it.

>Also, when I press Ctrl+t to open a new tab, the location entry is
>initially given focus, then lose it almost immediately. It would be nice
>if the location entry is remain focused, since most of the time when you
>open a tab you want to type the URL by hand.

This is a BAD BAD BAD mozilla bug. Unfortunately mozilla focus code is a
mess. Need to bug Blizzard again to look at it ;)


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