[Epiphany] New tab and loading a URL


In epiphany, if you execute epiphany <uri> while epiphany is already
running, it will opens a new tab and brings up the window by calling
gtk_window_present. Is that the ideal behavior? Personally I allocated a
desktop for web browsing and email checking stuff, so every time I click
a link from somewhere else would bring it to the current desktop. I
think that's quite confusing.

So I dig in the source, and found out that EPHY_NEW_TAB_RAISE_WINDOW is
enabled with no way to turn it off (short of edit the source that is).
Is it the plan that a preference will be there for it later? Or that
will just be the default without a preference?

Also, when I press Ctrl+t to open a new tab, the location entry is
initially given focus, then lose it almost immediately. It would be nice
if the location entry is remain focused, since most of the time when you
open a tab you want to type the URL by hand.

Thank you,
- Ka-Hing

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." -

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