[Epiphany] Visual Bookmarks/ Thumbnailed Bookmarks

This idea came up from all the sample pages myself and other web
designers throw around.  We first design the page in Photoshop/Gimp and
then turn that into CSS and HTML template.  If we opened up a file
browser in thumbnail mode, we could quickly pick out a given site based
on that layout without the name or any other data for reference.

I figured it'd probably help out with my bookmarks as well.  If the only
thing you remember about a site is the fact that it's got a certain
color border, or it has a 3 column format you can quickly pick it out of
the mess.  Since each site looks fairly different, it's just an added
way to categorize them.

Here's a small diagram of how the display could be laid out:

+-----------+ TitleTitleTitle
|             |  Title(cont.)
| Thumbnail | [actualsiteURI]
|             |  Description
|             |  Description(cont.)
|             |  Description(cont.)
+-----------+ LastAccessTimeDate

You could make it so the favicon is in place of the thumbnail when it
has not been generated or the number/size of thumbnails exceeds the
cache size.

Let me know if you have any questions of ideas on this,
Eric Zeitler <ezeitler@psl.nmsu.edu>
Physical Science Laboratory

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