[Epiphany] Navigating the dom through EphyEmbed

Hi all,

I've been poking through the ephy source this evening, as I am playing
around trying to implement some ideas I have.  I'm not very familiar
with GNOME or mozilla coding, so please bear with me...

If I have an EphyEmbed object and an EphyEmbedEvent, is there a way that
from there I can get information about the HTML objects surrounding the
location in the document the event occurred?

So, to be blunt, I am trying to get information about a form (it's
action, the form fields it contains, etc) when the user selects an item
from the context menu of a form field.  Looking at the other functions
in popup-commands.c it seems like it's possible to get limited
information about the document through ephy_embed_event_get_property,
but I also need information about surrounding tags.

So hacking ephy's interface is easy enough, but when it comes to
actually getting at the DOM, I am stuck.  Is this even possible?  Where
can I find the APIs that would let me do this?  Is it at the ephy level
or the mozilla level?

Thanks for your help,


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