[Epiphany] Re: Plugin support planned ?

Osma Ahvenlampi writes: 

> Two things for you to look at: 
> Plugger - embeds any X11 application as a browser plugin. With it, using
> MPlayer in place of Windows Media Player is trivial. 
> Mozilla-bonobo - embeds a Bonobo component as a browser plugin. 
> Available in the usual places (freshmeat, etc) 
Speaking of this would anyone (marco?) mind if i contacted the maintainer of 
mozilla-bonobo to see if they would be interested in moving there work into 
gnome-cvs? I can see some real benefits in this including:
1. Closing colaboration between epiphany and moz-bonobo
2. MOre unification of the gnome platform (we can show off gnome components 
in the gnome browser:) )
3. Potential inclusion of moz-bonobo in gnome 2.6... 


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