[Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

hotmail writes: 

> What about remember that Epiphany borns to be smaller, faster ... (and
> ...furious?).
> Sorry by the bad joke and my english but i can't stop thinking about
> Epiphany seems is going to be another BIG (not great) navigator.
> I'm new here and thought: Can we imagine Epiphany as a new Galeon-like nav.
> without Mozilla BIG-SLOW-UNNECESARYOPTIONS under it?
> That's the way i want to imagine Epiphany. Isn't Better to be Best, not only

Getting rid of mozilla is next to impossible and pointless anyway. No other 
html renderer can handle the breath of scope that mozilla can, not khtml and 
definately neither of the gtkhtmls. The solution to the "mozilla bloat" is 
to help the mozilla team to break mozilla up into smaller parts for 
embedding, specifically helping with the minimoz and gre work. 


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