Re: [Epiphany] Statusbar

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 19:38, Lee Willis wrote:
> Marco Pesenti Gritti <> writes:
> > > Hmm - for presentations I use MS powerpoint ...
> > 
> > Well, with presentations I mean showing a web site to several people.
> > That's the only way I've seen it used. I'm not pretending to say
> > that's the way it's used/should be used, dont have enough data to say
> > it.
> OK - but in that context I would have thought it should still look like
> it's a "browser" - but again I don't have any hard, fast facts to back
> that up!

Sure something with a location and back/forward buttons looks like a web
browser :) IE (ok evil) has even it off by default (I'm not suggesting
to do it in epiphany).

> > >I use full-screen mode purely to take advantage of the fact I have a
> > >large display and don't like scrolling if I don't have to. In this case
> > >it make no sense to not have the statusbar.
> > 
> > I used a few times fullscreen to have larger display too and I hate to
> > have the statusbar there ...
> Out of interest why? If you don't think it take up too much real-estate
> in normal mode how can it take up too much when you're in fullscreen?
> Or do you normally have it turned off in "normal" mode?

In fullscreen I want to have the maximum screen aestate possible. Not
essential, and partially duped by the spinner, information annoys me.

> > I'd have to turn it have to gain screen aestate, but that would be
> > slow and I'd prolly never use fullscreen at that point.  I enable it
> > only for sites that I know to pass some time reading. The only use I
> > make of statusbar is seeing the links addresses, which is not that
> > useful in such situations.
> The other stuff is also useful I think, for example feedback on page
> loads via the progress meter [Since there's no guarantee of the spinner
> being available, or the tab indicators since some people don't use tabs]
> , and secure/non-secure status since that's not represented anywhere
> else ...

I think fullscreen should have a "fixed" layout.
Somthing like:
Back Forward Stop Reload Home Location Spinner
I dont feel secure/unsecure important there ... I dont use it all time.
On the few sites where I'm interested to that info I can just keep it in
normal mode.


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