Re: [Epiphany] Statusbar

> Hmm - for presentations I use MS powerpoint ...

Well, with presentations I mean showing a web site to several people.
That's the only way I've seen it used. I'm not pretending to say that's the way it's used/should
be used, dont have enough data to say it.

>I use full-screen mode purely to take advantage of the fact I have a
>large display and don't like scrolling if I don't have to. In this case
>it make no sense to not have the statusbar.

I used a few times fullscreen to have larger display too and I hate to
have the statusbar there ... I'd have to turn it have to gain screen
aestate, but that would be slow and I'd prolly never use fullscreen at
that point.
I enable it only for sites that I know to pass some time reading. The
only use I make of statusbar is seeing the links addresses, which is not
that useful in such situations.
Basically to convince me to switch mode, there should be enough
difference between the two modes, otherwise I'd just never do it.

Yeah these are just impressions, feelings, not very useful. Maybe
someone other has more interesting things to say ;)


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