[Epiphany] Statusbar

I've got a couple of related/intertwined points, and rather than raising
bugs I thought I'd bring them up for a brief discussion here

1. We seem to have regressed 111747. Try turning the bookmark bar on/off
   in various states of fullscreen-ness and note how seemingly
   unpredictable the behaviour is.

2. If I choose to have the status bar visible it disappears whenever I
   go into fullscreen.

3. Do we actually want user's to be able to turn off the statusbar? I
   can't think of an overwhelmingly good reason to turn this off.

4. Following on from 3, if we decide to keep the statusbar visible at
   all times, could we resolve bug 115296 by making the exit fullscreen
   button part of the statusbar (ie within the epiphany windows rather
   than a separate window)

If we can decide on roughly where we want to go I'll raise/amend
appropriate bugs.

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