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On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Nikolai Weibull wrote:

> * Marco Pesenti Gritti <> [Jul, 31 2003 00:50]:
> >
> > 1 External links (evo links for example)
> > 2 Popup windows
> > 3 Middle click on links
> > 4 Activate on history and bookmarks
> >
> > 5 The pref now control also the ever show tabs beahvior, acting like an MDI switch
> > We seem to agree that case 1 should use a window by default, no matter always pref state.
> >
> I guess I've missed the discussion on this, so i may be a bit late.
> Still, why can't external links be opened in tabs?  Is it too difficult
> to find a window to display a tab in and focus it?  I always find it
> annoying that my external links are in another window than the rest of
> my open web pages.  It doesn't feel very integrated.

I have to second that.  I guess it depends on how you use it, by my use model
*always* has *everything* in a single window with multiple tabs.  So the
question of "Which window does the new tab go into?" becomes silly.  It goes
into *the* window, since there's only ever one.  Now, I wouldn't mind if
external launchers open a new window by default, as long as there's a command
line switch (or something) to prevent it.  But my preference for 1-4 is all
"Open in new tabs, always.  Never, ever open a new window unless I explicitly
tell you to."

I also don't understand what you mean by 5, but if it's the "Always show
tabs/only show tabs when there's more than one open" then I really don't care.
I slightly personally prefer only showing tabs when there are several, but I
can get used to either very quickly.  Just as long as there's nothing that
forces me into more than one window.

> > Given the consensus about 1, I think an MDI switch is already out of question, it will never behave
> > in a consistent way.
> >
> > If we drop the MDI switch, I think we can safely use a new window for 4, bookmarks and history are
> > the place where url->document->window matching is more clear.
> >
> No comment on this since i rarely use either feature.
> >
> > 2 and 5 are left.
> >
> Can't comment on 2, since i run privoxy, and can't comment on 5 since i
> don't understand that item.
> 	nikolai
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