[Epiphany] Re: Epiphany 0.8

We really shouldn't be taking these conversations off-list.... 

Marco wrote: 

> (unrequested popups are still open in window, yeah it's our interface
> fault to suggest the opposite)

Blah that pref :/ 

> Yeah this is something people (included a pair of developers) feel
> annoying. Someone hate the page resize that happen when opening the
> second tab though ...
> Maybe we should open in tab by default on middle click. I have the
> impression the reason most people would want to check "open always in
> tabs" is to be able to open links from a page fastly, annoying them with
> the MDIish behavior of the "always open in tabs" is not good.

I basically think that is sane. Tabs are good for viewing links we should 
encourage them if we think tabs are so great :p should probably do that for 
alt+click too. 

Also a solution to the tab bar problem is to put tabs at the bottom of the 
window with the statusbar inside of the tab. I hack my ephy to do this and 
like it very much. In this setup you can always show the single tab without 
really worrying about using too much screen estate since the tab isn't in 
direct view (ie you can hid it off screen if you choose). 

eugenia writes:
>> BTW, if you could add the little circular icon when you third-click on a 
>> page (just like IE and Galeon does it), it would be best, as most users that 

ARe you refering to the autoscrolling behavior in ie. I think thats a good 

>> you are trying to convert have already being using IE. And if the user is 
>> third-clicking on a link instead of the page, open the page in a new tab, 
>> not a new window (this should be configurable of course).

See above i'm incline to say just go with tabs.... 

marco writes:
> RE Toolbar

> It's possible to move the address entry on the first toolbar with
> Edit->Toolbars.
> I dont think gtk widgets allow to put one toolbar near the other unless 
> you have the toolbar not expanded to the full horizontal space. That would > be a nice feature for the future though.

This would probably require egg-editable toolbar to use egg-dock instead of 
a hbox, so that toolbars could be moved around the window via dnd and next 
to each other etc. 





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