Re: [Epiphany] Screenshots

Am Fr, 2003-08-22 um 12.11 schrieb Marcelo E. Magallon:
Hi all,

I'm really sorry for the late reply, but I've been away from the net a
couple of days.

>  Epiphany is not exactly the most configurable thing in the world, but
>  our brave developers haven't taken it all away, there's still some left
>  :-)  Maybe the brave webmasters are interested in "other variations" of
>  the theme.  For example, I submit the mean lean browsing machine:
If the list agrees, what about adding _some_ user contributed
screenshots to the website?

I suggest handling screenshots the way does: only
screenshots showing something special should be added, instead of
bloating the site with lots of screenshots only differing in the shown
web page.

If it's ok, I'd like to add the two screenshots posted in this thread
(the "lean brosing machine" and the one showing a customized toolbar)
and maybe another one showing a different icon theme (Nuvola or


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