[Epiphany] Re: Screenshots

Stefan Rotsch writes:
> If the list agrees, what about adding _some_ user contributed
> screenshots to the website? 
> I suggest handling screenshots the way art.gnome.org does: only
> screenshots showing something special should be added, instead of
> bloating the site with lots of screenshots only differing in the shown
> web page. 
> If it's ok, I'd like to add the two screenshots posted in this thread
> (the "lean brosing machine" and the one showing a customized toolbar)
> and maybe another one showing a different icon theme (Nuvola or
> Gorilla). 
> Comments?
> Stefan

I think that the first screenshots you see on the page (and most accessible 
ones) ought to be use the boring defaults (icons+text, default toolbar 
layout and the simple theme). However there is nothing inherintly wrong with 
showing some of the customization that is possible with ephy as long as the 
site doesn't get too bloated where 56k users find it unbearable to load. 

my 2cents. 


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