[Epiphany] about case sensitivity...


I posted a message several months ago about the url-bar word matching (aganinst bookmarks and topics) being case sensitive. I got the reply that this was a reported bug that would be fixed, but the behaviour is still the same in 0.8.2. I looked at the bug database today and it now says "invalid"... does this mean it is intended behaviour? In that case, what's the reasoning behind that? I find it truly annoying.

Also, the matching seems to behave a bit peculiarly in other respects... for example, if I type "gen", it matches "www.gentoo.org", but not "forums.gentoo.org". If I type "Gen", it matches both, since "Gentoo" is part of the page titles in both bookmarks. I take it matching against urls is only done against the first part of the adress, not counting "www." if present? I would have thought matching would be done against any part of the url. Would that be bad?


Johan Forsberg

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