Re: [Epiphany] So you like tabs?

Hi Dave,

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 wrote:

> solution, though it may be worth trying. Most users of x-chat have tabs at
> the bottom, so there is little empirical evidence (at least that I know of)
> to suggest whether tabs on top or tabs on bottom is better from a usability
> point for MDI apps (only tradition).

I think the bottom-tabs in XChat are useful because they're near the
textfield where you type, thus changes in one of the tabs will always be
noticeable in the peripheral vision.

To achieve the same effect in Epiphany with bottom tabs, perhaps you'd
have to move the location bar to the bottom as well. (Although I admit the
location bar has a much less prominent role in a browser as in a IRC
client). This is not as strange as it may sound, IIRC Opera has this
possibility too.


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