Re: [Epiphany] So you like tabs?

On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 06:09, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> I think the bottom-tabs in XChat are useful because they're near the
> textfield where you type, thus changes in one of the tabs will always be
> noticeable in the peripheral vision.
> To achieve the same effect in Epiphany with bottom tabs, perhaps you'd
> have to move the location bar to the bottom as well. (Although I admit the
> location bar has a much less prominent role in a browser as in a IRC
> client). This is not as strange as it may sound, IIRC Opera has this
> possibility too.

I don't think moving the location bar is neccessary at all, actually
moving tabs to the bottom would have a nice ui effect of making the
whole browser interface appear to be associated with each tab, as oppose
to the current tabs on top. for instance see below

| Menus                        |
| toolbar                      |
| entry box                   |
|                                |
|                                |
|      view area              |
|                                |
|///| |___| |___| |____|  |

With tabs at the bottom it seems to me that the association between the
entry, tab and view area would be a little clearer. I know in safari,
apple actually fliped the orientation of the tabs so that the location
bar seemed to be associated with the tab instead of the view, but i must
admit i find this wierd as well.

All that said, it is still completely possible that the current
orientation is actually the best from a usability standpoint, but some
testing might be beneficial confirming or denying this.


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