RE: [Epiphany] RE: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.3.0: "Mighty Atom"

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>Subject: [Epiphany] RE: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.3.0: "Mighty
>Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:20:11 +0200
>> From: Jeff Waugh []
>> I guess it comes down to communication. I know a lot of
>> people have said
>> nice things about Epiphany, but I haven't tested it yet
>> because it hasn't
>> had a tarball release for a very long time [1].
>That needs to start happening if we have a chance of considering it for
>GNOME 2.4. It does build easily from jhbuild.

Definately, we need to start to make regular releases.
Expect a release shortly, the time to give i18n people a chance to update
their translations.

>I'm using a cvs version from a month ago and it's refreshingly simple and



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