Re: [Epiphany] So you like tabs?

Frank Belew <> said:

> Here's a patch that makes the tab header visible, even if you only have
> one content window open. It queries the pref to see if you prefer tabs,
> and if so, always has them visible, else, it does the exact same thing
> it did before this patch.
> Frank aka 'frb

I'm not completely sure this is a good idea. A big part of the design goals 
in regards to epiphany tabs was not to force the MDI ui on users. Tabs for 
the most part are an advance feature (I know that this statement may seem odd 
to us that are dependent on them, but for most everyday users a single window 
view is easier to use, and indeed this is why the HIG discourages MDI apps). 

That said there are some issues, in particular shifting from no tabs to two 
or more shifts the view area. One possible solution to this would be to move 
tabs to the bottom of the window. I'm not completely sure if this is a "good" 
solution, though it may be worth trying. Most users of x-chat have tabs at 
the bottom, so there is little empirical evidence (at least that I know of) 
to suggest whether tabs on top or tabs on bottom is better from a usability 
point for MDI apps (only tradition).


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