[Epiphany] Popups blocking

I would like to introduce some sort of popup blocking method but I'm
unsure which one.

I think galeon way to do it is not good. You block everything, also
popups that may be useful.

Phoenix does a better work I think. When a popup is blocked you can
access a list and allow the host to show it.
I see some problems with this approach too, though.

- Apparently once you allowed a site to show popups you cant block it
- Would a newbie easily understand how to unblock popups ? Otherwise I
think we would have a prob since some pages needs popups to be
"functional" ...
Epiphany show a dialog with an explanation the first time but I'm not
sure if it's enough.
- I cant find a way to access the blocked popups list other than the
statusbar icon. I guess that's at least an accessibility problem. Would
a menu item do it ?

I'd like to hear opinion about this. I plan to implement it only if we
find a solution good enough to enable it by default.


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