EoG: Next - previous images with mouse wheel middle button


Regarding this question, are there any news ?

It would be very great to get ability to change photo viewing in Eye of Gnome by using also mouse wheel middle button as in many softs (move to the bottom : next photo of the directory, move to the top : previous photo).

For now, mouse wheel middle button does a zoom on photo, perhaps it could be added an option in Preferences to choose what behavior we want (or change photo with left / right button). I know that aim of EoG is to be as "easy to use" as possible, but this particular way of moving between photos is very common.

This is the only feature I miss in EoG: it is a light program, and used in couple with a photo-editor like F-Spot or phraymd which manages tags, collections and galleries, and as it's already included in Gnome / Ubuntu, EoG is the perfect complement for scrolling / viewing images.

Thanks in advance. Best regards,


    * From: Felix Riemann <friemann gnome org>
    * To: Tobias Bitter <tobiasbitter web de>
    * Cc: eog-list gnome org
    * Subject: Re: Eye of Gnome: Next/Previous with mouse-wheel left/right
    * Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 16:01:30 +0100

Am Freitag, den 23.10.2009, 13:29 +0200 schrieb Tobias Bitter:
> Hallo EOG-Team
Hallo! :)

> It would be nice to support "new" mice with mouse-wheel left-right, like all actual Logitech mice. > Now wheel-left is the same like wheel-down = zoom-out and wheel-right is the same as wheel-up = zoom in. > It woud be great to use wheel-left as previous image and wheel-right as next image.
Actually there seems to be already code for this in eog. Using Buttons 6
and 7. The next and prev buttons on my mouse are mapped to 8 and 9
though. The question now would be if this is generally the case now?

If yes we could simply adjust the button numbers and everything would
work again (theoretically). If not we'd have to find another solution
(like supporting both mappings).



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