Re: More improvements to the map plugin

Am Montag, den 08.02.2010, 11:42 -0500 schrieb Pierre-Luc Beaudoin:
> Hi,

> I've made further changes to the map plugin: it now displays all the
> images from the collection (usually same directory) on the map.  You can
> click on the marker to change the current image.

> I would like a review of the code and some comments on usability.  I
> find it useful to see all the geocoded images, but it is a little bit
> harder to see which image is the current one of the map (the icon is
> twice as big).
> Also, if you start Eog with a large amount of images, this plug-in will
> slow down the start up considerably.
> Thanks for taking time to review the changes and test them.

So far, it feels pretty nice. Haven't looked at the code yet, but for
now assume it's nice and shiny. :)

The new markers are a bit of a step back in my eyes though, as they
don't have a thumbnail and are less precise due to the missing arrow
tail (although that's likely neglible). But I guess that's due to limits
of eog's thumbnailing. We should probably look into ways to improve it
as it has shown these limits in several occasions lately.

As the new functionality is so different (esp. speed-wise) from the
original implementationm, I think having the possibility to switch back
to the old layout through a preferences dialog wouldn't be a nice move
as well (except if it's hard to maintain both paths in the plugin).



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