Re: [Ekiga-list] 4.0.1 does not behave well on wireless network

Hi guys/gals,

Good news for you. Tweaking DNS pointer makes Ekiga somewhat stable on a wireless network.

I rewrote /etc/resolv.conf as "nameserver" after DHCP on wireless router completed. The 
address is the primary DNS at the wired network (ADSL) provider. When you do this, Ekiga took only:

10 seconds to register and
6 seconds to start hearing echo test, equivalent response to what ekiga does on the wired network.

ekiga -d 4 log is on the pastebin:

I'll see if this technique works with wireless provider's primary DNS which I've been unable to find so far.

Motto of the day: Use the upstream DNS, not the wireless router's.

I reported yesterday that rewriting resolv.conf returned unfavorable results. Since I've found suspicious 
debug log entry in that case: the SIP server, when it rejected register request, returns global address of 
*wired* network, which Ekiga on wireless should not know of. Ekiga might see this global address because 
resolv.conf point to the wired router as a DNS which, in turn, issue a query from this global address. The 
routing table may also be garbled.

step 3
Edited /etc/resolv.conf so as to point wired (ADSL) router.
When starting up ekiga, it says 'globally not acceptable' after about 10 seconds.

Lines 373 to 376 of -d 4 log above read (note the end of the last Via line below):

2013/06/14 15:40:14.244   0:09.845      Opal Liste...0xadc3cb40 SIP     PDU received: 
SIP/2.0 606 Not Acceptable
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK407eb35f-76d3-e211-9914-002170e34f2e;rport=60016;received=

Side issue:
Echo test can no longer be disconnected by pressing #. It works on previous versions.


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