Re: [Ekiga-list] 4.0.1 does not behave well on wireless network

Hi Eugen,

Changing DNS by tweaking resolv.conf returns unfavorable results.

These test results are based on three setups, provided corresponding -d 4 logs.

step 0
live boot to debian 7, dpkg ekiga, apt-get some lib files;
using wired (ADSL) line, startup ekiga, configure ekiga, run callback test, works fine.

step 1
DHCP to wireless (Wimax) router. resolv.conf points to this router as set by DHCP.

When starting up ekiga, it took:
70 seconds to register,
65 seconds to connect call to echo test, and gives
segmentation fault when control-q.

debug log in (first half) (second half)

step 2
Changed wireless router local address to the same subnet with ADSL router's. Global address stays the same, 
DHCP to the wireless router.

When starting up ekiga, it responds 'remote party is offline' after about 130 seconds.

step 3
Edited /etc/resolv.conf so as to point wired (ADSL) router.

When starting up ekiga, it says 'globally not acceptable' after about 10 seconds.

ftp works fine with wireless routing and wired DNS.

BTW, supposedly 'insufficient memory' problem has been worked around by adding testing deb line to 
sources.list. apt-get udpate takes up fewer ram disk space when both testing and unstable lines are included 
in sources.list. I have no idea why it works like this.


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