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My problem is with the 3.2.7 version. It has not been working before on this laptop. Since I installed Ekiga on my new laptop some months ago, it hasn't been working properly. I have tried the 4.0 version, but it didn't register my account that is why I installed the 3.2.7 via the link u sent me. The alsamixer didn't fix the problem. People are not able to hear me clearly and I think some ppl don't hear me at all that's why they are hanging off. When I use the echo test-call a voicemail is saying something like - invalid and goodbye. The provider is in french, that's why I don't understand all. But invalide and au revoir means it;s not working ofc.

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On 17/01/13 06:04, Jan Laugesen wrote:
> Thx for info. Even I enabled those two, ppl are not able to hear me much.
> My voice is far away, they say...

You have to precise a bot of context. Do you have this with 4.0 or with
3.2.7? Has it worked before and suddenly you have this problem?

By the way, this sounds like your audio input is not configured
properly. Try using alsamixer or gnome's audio settings tool or
whatever to increase microphone sensitivity.

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> Le 16/01/2013 15:45, *Jan Laugesen* wrote :
> > Thanks for your response :) The problem is that my account says registered,
> > but when I
> > make an outbound call, the person I'm calling doesn't hear me much. I tried
> > with two different
> > headsets, but it doesn't make a difference. Is there anything specific I can
> > do with my settings?
> > My boss told me only to enable G711 aLaw and G711uLaw as audio codecs, but I
> > don't see those two.
> G711 alaw = PCMA
> G711 ulaw = PCMU
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