Re: [Ekiga-list] Query about sharing of physical devices

On 27/02/13 05:44, Stuart Gathman wrote:
Long ago, Nostradamus foresaw that on 02/24/2013 12:12 AM, Bret Busby
would write:

Thus, it appears that Linphone and Ekiga, can not be run concurrently,
but Ekiga and Skype can be run concurrently.

Linphone and Ekiga use the same protocol (SIP).  You should be able to
use Ekiga with your Linphone account and vice versa.  If reality falls
short of this, it is because of bugs in one or the other application (or
providers).  The whole point of SIP is to be able to chose between
Ekiga/Blink/Twinkle/XLite/Linphone/etc  using any SIP service based on
features, price and performance.

The only reason Skype doesn't fit is that it uses its own secret
protocol (that gives all other Skype users access to your PC), and only
works with itself.



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