Re: [Ekiga-list] Newbie questions

On 22/02/13 20:07, Polaris wrote:
Re #1 (port error message):
In case the details of my setup will help to figure out the reason, here
they are:

I was running Ekiga 4.0.0 under Win XP sp2 on a Pentium III box without
any firewall on it. My firewall is m0n0wall running on a separate box
acting as a gateway.

If I can make calls just fine and in case, due to the particulars of my
set up, Ekiga is unable to automatically test for open ports, is it
possible to change something manually within Ekiga so as not to see this
annoying message?

No, sorry.  We will think about that.

On 2/21/2013 7:43 AM, Eugen Dedu wrote:
On 17/02/13 00:03, Polaris wrote:

Re #1: I was able to call another Ekiga user and had him call me. We
were able to repeat that several times; therefore the right ports are
open - yet I keep getting the same annoying error message every time
Ekiga starts. [the problems in our connections were described on the
thread: 'Ekiga test today'] What to do next?

As far aas I can say, it is not easy to find out if it will work or
not, so that text message will remain there. We have to think about
all that.

Re #3: Is echo problem common place with Ekiga and is a head set the
only way to eliminate it?

Yes for both; alternatively, I have seen USB microphone+speaker which
do, they say, echo cancellation, probably in "hardware", but this
needs to be tested. No VoIP free software has professional echo
cancellation support.

Regarding Video Quality:
My camera supports res up to 720p, Ekiga is suppose to support up to
480p but the picture I observed on my screen was rather poor. Besides
lighting, is there anything I can do to improve the picture?

Use maximum available resolution in ekiga. Try also the video control
small window in ekiga (lighting, contrast etc.), once the call window
is shown.

On 2/12/2013 12:19 PM, Eugen Dedu wrote:
On 12/02/13 20:08, Polaris wrote:
Hi, just installed Ekiga and have the following questions:

1. Connectivity: Every time Ekiga starts I get the following error

I have since manually opened all the required ports and verified that
they are open with PFPortChecker but the same error message still pops
up. In both Echo and Call back tests, I hear and see myself so is
everything working properly and if so how do I prevent this message

Check whether you can be called too. See

for some information.

2. To confirm that I am getting out there and to see how things
work, I
wanted to call someone but every person I tried in the address book
unavailable. Would someone be so kind as to make themselves available
for a short chat (I can make myself available during most of the
day and
am in GMT - 8 )?

3. Audio: During the tests there was a lot of echo even after I
echo cancellation in preferences. What can I do to improve the sound?

Echo cancellation is not high quality. Buy a headset.

4. Video: Is there a way to make the video conference window occupy
whole screen (my monitor is set to 1024x768)?

Use fullscreen in View menu during conversation.

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