Re: [Ekiga-list] Newbie questions

On 12/02/13 20:08, Polaris wrote:
Hi, just installed Ekiga and have the following questions:

1. Connectivity: Every time Ekiga starts I get the following error message:

I have since manually opened all the required ports and verified that
they are open with PFPortChecker but the same error message still pops
up. In both Echo and Call back tests, I hear and see myself so is
everything working properly and if so how do I prevent this message from

Check whether you can be called too. See for some information.

2. To confirm that I am getting out there and to see how things work, I
wanted to call someone but every person I tried in the address book was
unavailable. Would someone be so kind as to make themselves available
for a short chat (I can make myself available during most of the day and
am in GMT - 8 )?

3. Audio: During the tests there was a lot of echo even after I enabled
echo cancellation in preferences. What can I do to improve the sound?

Echo cancellation is not high quality.  Buy a headset.

4. Video: Is there a way to make the video conference window occupy the
whole screen (my monitor is set to 1024x768)?

Use fullscreen in View menu during conversation.


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