Re: [Ekiga-list] ANNOUNCE - Ekiga 4.0.1 [STABLE] available

Just install the new version; it will remove the previous one.

On 22/02/13 20:09, Polaris wrote:
What's the best thing to do under Windows?

On 2/20/2013 10:26 PM, Eugen Dedu wrote:
If you installed 4.0.0 manually, youmust uninstall it first. If you
used package from your distribution, then installing 4.0.1 will remove
4.0.0 automatically.

On 21/02/13 07:06, Polaris wrote:
Can 4.0.1 be installed over 4.0.0 or is it best to uninstall 4.0.0

On 2/20/2013 3:13 PM, Eugen Dedu wrote:
Hello everyone,

This is the first update of the 4.0.0 stable release. It deals
exclusively with bug fixing.

The most important change is fixing ALL known crashes and freezes,
especially the long-standing freeze on quit on Windows. Add to this
making H.323 with gatekeeper functional again, two registration fixes,
and numerous other fixes here and there. There is also a security fix,
look for XML parsing below

We encourage everyone to upgrade to this latest greatest version of

The next release will be 4.0.2 or 4.2.0, targetted mainly at replacing
obsolete technologies and fixing remaining registration and
communication issues. After 4.2.0, we will switch to using v12 of
ptlib/opal underlying libraries and will be able to provide the
much-awaited communication encryption and IPv6 support.

* What is it ?

Ekiga is a free Voice and Video over IP softphone allowing you to do
free audio and video calls over the Internet.

Ekiga is the first Open Source application to support both H.323 and
SIP, as well as audio and video. Ekiga was formerly known as

More information can be found at

* Where to get it ?

Ekiga is available at:
and the required librairies can be found at:

Install executable for Windows OS:

* What's changed ?

** User-visible fixes
- Fix crash when quitting ekiga while receiving presence information
- Fix crash when quitting ekiga right after starting it (before STUN
- Fix crash when disabling an account while icons in roster are
- Fix crash when receiving call a second time
- Fix crash in XML parsing in case of malicious code
- Fix increasing CPU usage afer hours of usage caused by endless
- Several fixes for H.323:
- fix H.323 parsing
- add the username in authentication
- fix unregistering the gatekeeper
- fix registration
- assign gk_name only if success
- do not propose adding an H.323 account if the protocol is not
- Fix registration for registrars accepting the last Contact item
- Allow to change the REGISTER compatibility mode of an existing
- Fix impossibility to hangup active call after a missed call
- Fix busy or call forwarding on busy occuring when connection is
- Fix subscribing/unsubscribing when enabling and disabling SIP
- Do not show is-typing messages sent by other programs during chatting
- Stop ongoing registration when remove account
- Use meaningful names for ALSA sub-devices
- Allow to enter contact addresses without host part, and choose the
host later
- Increase number of characters shown in device names
- Use a better icon for call history in addressbook
- Show the address instead of "telephoneNumber" in addressbook
- Deactivate NullAudio ptlib's device for audio input too
- Do not send OPTIONS messages once the account is disabled
- Hide the main window immediately on exit
- Handle xa status as away
- Fix debugging message when registering
- Fix race condition leading to duplicate entry in call history
- Fix incoming call if two INVITE's in a fork arrive very close
- Use correct username in OPTIONS messages
- Allow to have message waiting indication even if asterisk's vmexten
is off
- Send OPTION only on the right interface
- Fix buttons direction in dialpad for RTL languages
- Fix aborting RTP receiver with Polycom HDX8000
- Fix possible incorrect jitter calculation for RTCP
- Only kill REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE forks if a "try again" response is
- Various other fixes
** Distributor-visible changes
** Windows port fixes
- Fix freeze on quit
- Allow to dynamically switch between main and extended streams in
- Enable iLBC audio codec, as it is free now
- Disable obsolete VideoForWindows ptlib plugin
- Add emoticons icons used for chat
- Remove unuseful messages when starting ekiga the first time
** Build fixes
- Fix building opal when java SDK installed and swig is not
- Some code cleanup
** Translation updates
- Update translations: fr, ml, pt_BR
- Update help translations: pt_BR

On behalf of Ekiga/ptlib/opal teams,
Eugen Dedu

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