Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga test today

On 17/02/13 09:20, Bret Busby wrote:

I advise that I did manage to get through to Greg ("El Gallo"), and made
a voice call to him, and sustained the call, without any problems (once
I had realised that the problem that I encountered initially, was that I
had initially tried with the SIP address being incomplete).

In the initial attempt, I had copied and pasted the SIP address from the
email mesage, but, in doing that (with my email application being
alpine, the replacement for PINE), the SIP address had been truncated at
the second underscore, so that the SIP address that had been attempted,
was azul ekiga net, which did not work.

When I retried with the full SIP address, it worked well, for a voicecall.

It was a voicecall, as his terminal was a cellphone which was connected
via WiFi to his LAN.

The sound was clear.



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