Re: [Ekiga-list] Building OPAL with H.263

On 21/09/11 11:33, Steve Hill wrote:

Are there any up to date instructions on compiling H.263 support into
Opal? The instructions on the wiki
( seem to be very out of
date - they state I need the SVN version of ffmpeg (but unfortunately
don't specify a revision number), but I think ffmpeg has been hosted in
GIT rather than SVN for quite some time, so I presume this is no longer

They are out of date, indeed. I will update them shortly, when the new stable release appears, which has better support for those codecs.

I've tried compiling Opal against the rpmfusion packaged ffmpeg for
fedora 15, but configure just tells me it isn't building H.263 support
(no obvious indication as to why). Any advice would be appreciated -

What ekiga version do you use?


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