Re: [Ekiga-list] account with Android 2.3.4 native SIP-client

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 02:04:10AM +0300, J??nis Rukš??ns wrote:
> [...]
> From the traces it looks like it doesn't support any way to traverse
> NAT. It is not really a bug, but rather important missing feature,
> something they should do.

Wait a second... then why do the registrations at
and work?  Doesn't this mean that my
SIP-client *is* somehow able to traverse NAT? (I'm afraid i'm
missing technical background about NAT-traversal here to be able
to answer this question myself :-(

> Technically is wrong about the Via (but not Contact), but
> with no NAT support in phone (either classic STUN or ICE, or
> whatever), it doesn't make any difference to you. As Damien told in
> another post, you will experience audio problems (almost certainly).
> But the cool thing about SIP is you're not tied to a single provider.
> You can call anyone with a SIP address no matter what your provider
> is. If the phone has no NAT support, there are multiple providers with
> media relay, select the one(s) you like, and configure to use their
> outbound proxy. At least audio should work fine.

OK.  So let me try to summarize the conclusions of this

1) The server is wrong in returning a 606 Not
Acceptable because of a private IP in the Contact header of the
REGISTER message.  We have to wait for the admins to
fix this.  It is not at all clear how trivial this fix is.

2) If I want my Android 2.3.4 native SIP client to work with, I will have to wait until it supports STUN, ICE or
another NAT traversal technology.

3) I can register with another SIP account (e.g. my poivy or
diamondcard account), but then this means I won't be reachable
at my SIP-address... and to be honest, because i
support the Open Source philosophy, i would really like it if
people could call me at my address and not some other
address from a commercial provider...

4) I can try another SIP-client on android, like CSipSimple or
Sipdroid.  It will need some more testing to see if these work
with  More on this later :-)


	"Share what you know.  Learn what you don't."

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