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On 21/08/11 10:32, Genghis Khan wrote:
Ekiga is a VoIP client for the SIP protocol, so every other software which
is a VoIP client for SIP can communicate with the Ekiga software SIP client
and you can use the SIP server, or any other SIP server, with
Ekiga or any other SIP client software.

You might want to use LinPhone for Android

Or whatever else...

There is something I want to clarify. ekiga itself works on android, it is just accounts which do not work, is that right?

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Hm, is that a yes, then? I understood the interoperability to mean to
what extent other SIP softphones are compatible with Ekiga. I'm only
interested in using the Ekiga SIP (through whatever client) in order to
make calls to a landline. But my using the sip:myname ekiga net doesn't
require any interaction with the software Ekiga, right?

However, part of the money I pay for the SIP-to-landline service (via goes to the Ekiga project, because I register my Ekiga
SIP with them, or is that not how it works...?


On 08/21/2011 12:12 PM, Nikolai Cassanova wrote: check that link out
it shows what ekiga works with. In terms of sip on android u have a lot of
choices to choose from.
On Aug 20, 2011 8:25 PM, "S Barmeier"<severinbarmeier googlemail com>
Dear list,

Somebody must have asked this before, but I couldn't really find any
definite answer on the web:

Is it possible to run Ekiga (or use an Ekiga SIP) on Android phones,
together with the services from, so that you can make
international calls (to landlines/mobiles) from a mobile phone at
practically local rates?

This started working only recently with $kype on iPh0nes (using the 3G
network), for example, but I'd rather support Ekiga development via Is anybody currently using this without problems?


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