Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga on Android

On 21/08/11 14:29, S Barmeier wrote:
Thanks for the links. One final question. The (little) financial support
Ekiga gets from comes just from telling them "Please give
10% to Ekiga/Twinkle" when buying 'minutes' ... or is the contribution
really tied to the SIP server I'm using, or even to the software itself
in some way?

Hi Severin,

First, having an account has nothing to do with, and ekiga itself has nothing to do with

Second, I do not know exactly how the small financial contribution goes to ekiga, but as briefly suggested at, I think this contribution comes only when using ekiga.

Ekiga is a VoIP client for the SIP protocol, so every other software which
is a VoIP client for SIP can communicate with the Ekiga software SIP client
and you can use the SIP server, or any other SIP server, with
Ekiga or any other SIP client software.

You might want to use LinPhone for Android

Or whatever else...


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