Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga hopelessly slow...

On 03/04/11 02:29, listbox snap net nz wrote:
I've been struggling with Ekiga for months now. I could connect to the echo
server and hear it speak to me, but the connection broke after the recording
finished. I was unable to solve the problem, even with the list's help.

Recently, I bought a new router in hopes of fixing the problem. I connected the
new device and launched Ekiga (for the first time in weeks). At first I thought
Ekiga had silently died but no, it just took it a very long time to load.
Roughly five minutes! When it finally did load it was unusable ... couldn't even
make an outbound connection.

So the question: what could cause Ekiga to take this long to load?

I'm using Mandriva 2010.2. MSec is running, and I suspect it may be involved,
as it likes to set hosts.deny to:

I don't really know enough about msec or hosts.deny to be sure though. Anyway,
hopefully someone out there has seen this problem before and can make a useful
suggestion. Thanks!

Your hosts.deny seems wrong, since it has three fields, from man hosts_access: All other lines should satisfy the following format, things between [] being optional:
  daemon_list : client_list [ : shell_command ]

Anyway, take a glance at the debug output (-d 4) if you see something wrong, notably look at my previous e-mailto the list with DNS server lookup. This is for the very long time to load.

As for the outbound connection, again: we need to look at the debug output (even if I personnally cannot guarantee to solve the problem!)


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