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Hello  I did a little research (ie google ) and have the following links that may help your understanding. I apologize that my ramblings below are not clear and to the point. I am not an expert but I wanted to give you something to increase your knowledge and point you in a direction that you may solve this problem your self.
Make sure your router, will point incoming UDP and TCP ports to the IP number your computer is located at.  ie

#  ifconfig  eth0             command will tell you what IP number is for the ethernet interface that your computer is set to.

Description of Mandriva Security tool/   For testing might try level zero, or no security till you get Ekgia working first.   Then change security upwards, and test ekiga is still working.
Saturday night here on the west coast of the USA.   Hope you get a chance to test Ekiga this weekend.

Make use you have UDP ports and TCP ports directed to your computer if behind a NAT firewall.

Echo Test   sip:500 ekiga net

Call Back test number Audio and video

You can try if you are reachable from the world dialing this number: sip:520 ekiga net You will shorly be called by sip:500 ekiga net after dialing this Call Back test number. It support audio and video.




You can find out your external IP address just opening http://www.whatismyip.com/ in your browser.



Sample hosts.allow and hosts.deny file from Virginia Edu.

Start with this entry describing  hosts.allow and hosts.deny file.  You can temporarily turn 
off access control,  by renaming the files  cd /etc ;  mv hosts.allow hosts.allow.save ; mv hosts.deny hosts.deny.save
create a couple empty files.
touch hosts.allow  hosts.deny   {ie create empty files}

ping -c 3 he.net    (see if you can ping the hurricane electric webserver from your computer )
ping -c 3 ekiga.net  ( testing if you can resolve the ekiga.net host name to an IP number )


The access control software consults two files. The search stops at the first match:
Access will be granted when a (daemon,client) pair matches an entry in the/etc/hosts.allow file.
Otherwise, access will be denied when a (daemon,client) pair matches an entry in the/etc/hosts.deny file.
Otherwise, access will be granted.

A non-existing access control file is treated as if it were an empty file. Thus, access control can be turned off by providing no access control files.  


In this case, access is denied by default. Only explicitly authorized hosts are permitted access.

The default policy (no access) is implemented with a trivial deny file:

/etc/hosts.deny: ALL: ALL

This denies all service to all hosts, unless they are permitted access by entries in the allow file.

The explicitly authorized hosts are listed in the allow file. For example:

/etc/hosts.allow: ALL: LOCAL @some_netgroup 
ALL: .foobar.edu EXCEPT terminalserver.foobar.edu

from wb7odyfred ekiga net

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Subject: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga hopelessly slow...
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Date: Saturday, April 2, 2011, 5:29 PM

I've been struggling with Ekiga for months now. I could connect to the echo
server and hear it speak to me, but the connection broke after the recording
finished. I was unable to solve the problem, even with the list's help.

Recently, I bought a new router in hopes of fixing the problem. I connected the
new device and launched Ekiga (for the first time in weeks). At first I thought
Ekiga had silently died but no, it just took it a very long time to load.
Roughly five minutes! When it finally did load it was unusable ... couldn't even
make an outbound connection.

So the question: what could cause Ekiga to take this long to load?

I'm using Mandriva 2010.2. MSec is running, and I suspect it may be involved,
as it likes to set hosts.deny to:

I don't really know enough about msec or hosts.deny to be sure though. Anyway,
hopefully someone out there has seen this problem before and can make a useful
suggestion. Thanks!
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