Re: [Ekiga-list] Problem with Salix OS

On 05/04/11 00:00, Eugen Dedu wrote:
On 31/03/11 23:27, Zachariah Judah wrote:

From: Eugen Dedu<Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr>
To: Ekiga mailing list<ekiga-list gnome org>
Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] Problem with Salix OS
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 16:55:52 +0100

Please use another file sharing service, such as

Eugen Dedu


I have inserted this number in one of the fields (Sorry, I do not know
French) 18406053

Ok, I got it. On server this number should be put in both login
and password fields.

All your waiting time is spent to wait for DNS server to answer SRV
lookups, 10 seconds each time, for ex.:

2011/03/12 11:06:18.937 3:11.110 DNS SRV Lookup service _sip._udp
2011/03/12 11:06:28.953 3:21.127 SIP No SRV record found.

You can try verious methods to see the delay:

Do you have a problem with DNS server?

The best solution is to solve your DNS problem, for ex. by changing your
DNS server.

I will also try to make a DNS cache in opal, to avoid such situations.

For your information, a fix for your problem has been committed in opal, see and the following commit.

Eugen Dedu

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