Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga and x264

jtd wrote:
> gpl V2 covers copyrights, not patents. The writer of the code may  or 
> may not own the patent. The owner of the patent has to explicitly 
> grant you rights to the use of the patent, In this case the MPEG-LA 
> consortium.

I don't see how chroot (mentioned by parent post) protects against that
kind of 'non-freedom'.
> Besides, my (and  several others) "tests" show that theora provides a 
> better picture quality at a slightly more bandwidth. So, except for 
> the case of compatibility with equipment not having theora, it should 
> not make a difference.

My own usage tests show otherwise. Picture quality is about the h323
level plus theora has the habit of randomly stopping transmitting video.

Michal Svoboda

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