[Ekiga-list] ekiga and x264

Hello list,

I recall that in some distant past I had h264 in the video codec list in
Ekiga. Then some packages were updated and the codec disappeared. I read
some mail list discussions to understand that there was some compat
problem with never x264 lib. I decided to try the fix and compile ekiga
and opal myself, but even though everything appeared solid, h264 was
still missing. I decided to wait for the next stable release. Now 3.2.7
is out and I still don't see the codec. Can anyone point me at what
might go wrong, how to check it or fix it? I'm using Arch linux on
64-bit, but just don't send me to the package maintainer, I want to get
this working on my box. Theora has stability problems and h263 sucks.

Michal Svoboda

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