Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga and x264

On 18/07/10 14:23, Michal Svoboda wrote:
jtd wrote:
Is noone missing h264?
Not with it's patent emcumberances.

Well I wouldn't call that an encumberance but hate to sparkle a heated
debate about it. Bottom line - does it mean that x264 support is being
actively dropped from Ekiga, or it's just that there's the (technical)
bug that nobody has fixed yet?

It is a technical bug that nobody has (yet) fixed. It is also more difficult to me to test it, since I must install non-free software on my machine (I am not yet expert in chroot, virtual boxes etc.)

Now, after looking again at the bug, I think that maybe the crash I had after applying the involved patches had nothing to do with h264, but with software acceleration. I will give it a try again, maybe h264 works after applying the two patches.


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