[Ekiga-list] Problem Placing Call on PPC

Hi all,

I sent this message about a week ago but received an automated email that it was too long, so I've removed the attachment to a web server.  Please see below.  Thanks!

> I'm trying to run Ekiga 3.2.7 on Gentoo for PowerPC.  The folks over at Gentoo have asked me to report this problem to you.
> Ekiga starts up fine, and I can see my own video.  But when I place a call to
> 500 ekiga net <mailto:500 ekiga net>, 501 ekiga net <mailto:501 ekiga net> or 520 ekiga net <mailto:520 ekiga net>, after about 30 seconds I get the
> response, ``Could not connect to remote host''.
> The software versions are,
> Ekiga:  3.2.7
> Opal:  3.6.8
> PTLib:  2.6.7
> The output of ``ekiga -d 4'' can be found here:  http://baldur.no-ip.org/ekiga-output.txt.gz.  What I did was start Ekiga, try to place the call to 500 ekiga net, then quit.
> Please let me know how else I can help, or whether this message does not belong on this list.

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