[Ekiga-list] Problem Placing Call on PPC


I'm trying to run Ekiga 3.2.7 on Gentoo for PowerPC.  The folks over at Gentoo have asked me to report this problem to you.

Ekiga starts up fine, and I can see my own video.  But when I place a call to
500 ekiga net <mailto:500 ekiga net>, 501 ekiga net <mailto:501 ekiga net> or 520 ekiga net <mailto:520 ekiga net>, after about 30 seconds I get the
response, ``Could not connect to remote host''.

The software versions are,

Ekiga:  3.2.7
Opal:  3.6.8
PTLib:  2.6.7

I have attached the output of ``ekiga -d 4''.

Please let me know how else I can help, or whether this message does not belong on this list.


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