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possible is everything.

Bandwidth should be max 300k per person, assuming you're not using HD video.

Usually, the largest challenge is starting such a call, and getting
everyone to set their volume, eliminate echo, and get settled.

Easier if all participants have  nice new soundcard, a nice headseat,
and have set their mike/volume in advance.

Even easier if all participants are muted -i.e. broadcast voice/video
like remote training sessions.

Lots of variables here, presuming the server has enough Bandwidth, and
presuming no participant has round trip time > 150ms, and no significant
frame loss - should work.

My experience, most of the variables occur at the end user -speakers,
headset, microphone, sound card, etc....

Commercial servers do this much better, as then balance audio, do echo
cancellation, etc... all automatic.

The server needs a conference room, all participants will dial into this
conference room. The server could be configured to require a password,
allow a moderator, etc...

I believe still allows one to set up a conf. room as follows:

[For example, a group of friends could meet in conference room 1122 by
dialing sip:5011122 ekiga net]

Using 501xxxx, you'll be asked for a "PIN number": dialing a number you
can protect the access to your conference room or just dialing # will
make this conference public.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

On 12/10/2010 07:28 PM, Corrado Topi wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to use Ekiga for small video conferences with max 10 people some 
> of them using both audio and video, some using only audio. Is that possible? 
> How?
> Regards
> CT
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