[Ekiga-list] BETA test for a new Ekiga.org WebSite


We decided to improve our Website for Ekiga. It was hard to
manage/update for the Ekiga team and it was not as clear as our visitors
expected it.

We now reached the point were our new website can be more widely tested.

For the visitor, we focused on improving the download experience,
explain what Ekiga is more friendly for non-technophiles and added a
Roadmap for those asking about the future of Ekiga.

The new infrastructure behind the website, which is based on the well
know open source Drupal framework, will allow us to update the content
or the theme of the website much more easily.

Please, visit the new website and provide us feedback before we go
public. We want to provide the best experience possible.

BETA Ekiga.org:

Best regards,
On behalf of the Ekiga team,

Me joindre en téléphonie IP / vidéoconférence ?
sip:yannick ekiga net
Logiciel de VoIP Ekiga : http://www.ekiga.org

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