Re: [Ekiga-list] The far-end functionnality

Dear Damien,
    Thanks for your answer,

 1/ my best info is the following
3.  Far-End Camera Control Protocol

   This simple protocol is based on ITU-T H.281[ITU.281] frames carried
   in ITU-T H.224 packets in an RTP/UDP channel.  H.323 annex Q
   specifies how to build the RTP packets from the H.224 packets.

   Using far end camera control protocol in point-to-point calls and
   multipoint calls for packet-switch networks is described in H.323,
   annex Q.!!PDF-E&type=items!!PDF-E&type=items

while the need is not really all H281 (that drives a cam, e.g. : zoom, pan, tilt) but only keyboard (arrows, alphanumeric, ..) infos (refered as 3.8)

 2/ In OPAL (see yes H.281/H.224 seems supported

 3/ adding support in the gui would not be that hard.
    Yes i guess
       3.1/ it is a button that's set/unset far-end and then a pipe from the keyboard to the H281 channel
for the purpose to connect to visio server this is it;
    If (well in order to do the job once)  remote camera control is wished (notice that we do not need the following for the purpose of connect to visio server)
       3.2/ a.k.o. convention for zoom (page-up/page-down ?), pan/tilt (using arrows ?) + an additional menu for : source selection (main cam / aux / doc cam / vcr / pc) ;  camera presets (for camera tracking from 0 to 9) ; remote snapshot

does it helps ?


Damien Sandras wrote:
Le mardi 20 octobre 2009 à 11:37 +0200, Thierry Vieville a écrit :
In 2007 Damien Sandras confirmed that the far-end capability is not 
supported in ekiga
     However, we more and more have to connect to visio's server/bridge 
(e.g. h323: where the conference has to be selected and a 
id entered for validation: this requires to remote the 
left/right/up/down arrows and  digits. We thus cannot use ekiga anymore yet.
    Does ekiga plan to have this done?
    If not, how complex would it be to contribute (i.e. ask one 
programmer to do it with/for you) ?


What's the RFC or standard behind this ?
I think OPAL has some work done on that. But I'm not sure.
If it's the case, adding support in the gui would not be that hard.

Damien Sandras

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