Re: [Ekiga-list] [ekiga 3.2.5 on Ubuntu Karmic] "Could not register: sip:foo ekiga net"

Hi Michael,

Michael Rickmann wrote:
> I may be wrong, but when looking at the summary log of Eugene I find two
> different external IPs. name =
> and
> name = 

What do you conclude from this finding?

> Here in Germany Arcor
> usually sells DSL plus Phone flatrates and has been swallowed by
> Vodafone lately. 

I do not have any business relation with Arcor.
But I do pay for VoIP via ADSL here.

> Could it be that the router is a SIP client itself? 

According to RFC3319 {Schulzrinne, Ericsson}:"A SIP client is defined in
RFC 3261 [2].  The client can be a user agent client or the client
portion of a proxy server. In the context of this document, a SIP client
refers to the host on which the SIP client is running." the answer is:
"Yes." What do you conclude?

> If
> so I would move Ekiga to different ports 

How do you do that?

> and use port forwarding on the
> router. Eg. in gconf-editor
>>apps>Ekiga>protocols>udp_port_range:5070-5079 and
> ...>sip>listen_port:5070. 

I have done so.

> Then set port forwarding on the router for
> these UDP ports to your computer using the same ports for internal and
> external.

I have done so.

The result remains the same: "Could not register sip:bullgard ekiga net".


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