Re: [Ekiga-list] question of using Ekiga to KEK (fwd)

Joseph Comfort wrote:
Unfortunately, I have not found much in the way of good H323 alternatives to Ekiga. There are alternatives for SIP. I'm only a user, but it seems to me that Ekiga has gone too far out on the bleeding edge with all kinds of frilly add-ons which depend on OS systems and packages (even compilers) that are still in development. Maintenance of the core functionality is drowning. I have not yet had a successful compilation of the latest source. Still, the basic issue may be in the audio stuff of the OS.

I agree with you that the core functionality is the most important, and it should work flawlessly. The work is focused on this goal currently. If you look at recent commits, there are only fixes, and many fixes. It still seems that sometimes, these fixes break other parts of the software. I suppose this is because SIP/H323 is very complex.

(People use ekiga, and complain, but few help...)

Joe Comfort

On Fri, 26 Jun 2009, Damien Sandras wrote:

Le vendredi 26 juin 2009 à 15:35 +0800, physjg a écrit :
The full output is too long so my previous mail was blocked.
This one is with the "short" version of the ekiga -d 4 output.
There is no call attempt.
However, from Damien Sandras's mail. does it mean Ekiga can be out of free H.323 software business now?
It is maintained, but not improved anymore.
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