[Ekiga-list] question of using Ekiga to KEK (fwd)


I used Ekiga 2.x with Ubuntu 8.04 to connect to KEK meeting room via H323 before and it worked ok. Recently I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 and also installed Ekiga 3.x, then that connection does not work anymore.

While I tried to connect to 30222 h323gk kek jp or 30425 h323gk kek jp, it showed a message of "Connected with RADVISION MCU", but it did not really connected to those meeting room. However, I tried again with older Ekiga (2.x) at another person's laptop and it does work. So, it cannot be the gateway's problem.

I consulted with KEK IT center and they also found Ekiga 3.x not working to connect to their meeting room. Could any expert from Ekiga group to investigate it?


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