[Ekiga-list] presence support has never worked


Does presence support really work? I'm using Ekiga 3.0.2 under Fedora 10 and all of my contacts show up as little blank people icons. I don't see the green button(online), or gray button (offline), or any color or type of button. I'm behind a properly configured Linux (Fedora 9) server acting as a router. I can successfully call out AND receive voice AND video calls. I can also send and receive text messages. I know it's not a NAT issue.

Example: http://www.ekiga.net/status/presence.php?user=mooninite
It says I'm online... however I'm not online!

I have a debug level 4 output saved that shows I'm receiving NOTIFY type messages, but they are empty (Content length 0). That does not seem right.


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